Songs About Social Anxiety The Best Music for Mental Health
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Songs About Social Anxiety: The Best Music for Mental Health

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Songs About Social Anxiety The Best Music for Mental Health

Are you struggling with anxiety symptoms like a racing heartbeat, panic attacks, and difficulty talking? If So, songs about social anxiety: the best music for mental health is for you! If so, you are not alone – anxiety often impacts our lives in different ways. In the United States, 1 out of every 5 adults will experience anxiety disorders at some point in their lives. Finding music that reflects your anxiety experience can be a powerful tool for reducing anxiety and managing physical symptoms. Here we review the best songs about social anxiety to provide support and solace during this difficult time.

Definition of social anxiety

Do you ever get anxious when talking to other people? Face it, we all do from time to time! That’s why there’s something called social anxiety, which is an anxiety disorder that can often lead to negative emotions, such as fear and worry. Yup, it’s a real thing! Social Anxiety is one of many anxiety disorders that happen when the brain sees potential danger where there isn’t any. This causes us to freak out, and those intense emotions on an extreme level are called “anxiety attacks”. Sadly these cause us to freeze up socially, with no hope of escaping! Hey everyone, don’t let Social Anxiety ruin your day – stay positive and you’ll be alright.

Overview of the Social Anxiety Songs to be Discussed

If you’re looking for something to help ease your social anxiety, look no further than these songs! From classic rock anthems to alternative rock to modern pop hits, this list of songs has something for everyone dealing with social anxiety. The melodies are soothing and the lyrics are inspiring, giving us all numerous ways to feel less alone and more equipped to handle life’s bumps in the road. With catchy rhythms and upbeat tempos, you’ll be singing along before you know it!

But don’t worry – even if you don’t have perfect pitch, each of these tunes contains an underlying message meant to inspire and motivate. All you need is a little bit of confidence and soon enough you’ll be strutting down the street with your head held high. So take a few minutes out of your day to listen to some of these inspiring tracks – there’s bound to be one that resonates with you!

How Music Can Help Those With Social Anxiety

Music can be incredibly helpful to those dealing with social anxiety. It can act like a best friend when entering a panic attack, calming the heart and allowing for greater comfort in social situations. For example, smashing the panic button with your favorite rock song could help in lowering mental stress and keeping any unwanted panic attacks away! Music also helps reduce mental health issues such as; anger, sadness, mental chaos, and social phobia by giving you an outlet to express yourself in unique ways that benefit you physically and psychologically. So four-to-the-floor on the panic attack button if ya feel those scary panic attack bees buzzin’ around ya – bop along with some sweet beats instead! ( I’ll shut up now, so you can listen…)

“Breathin” by Ariana Grande and How it is One of the Best Songs About Social Anxiety

Ariana Grande has released an emotionally powerful anxiety song called ‘Breathin’ that many fans relate to as a reflection upon their own struggles with panic attacks and social anxiety. The lyrics cover topics such as slow breathing, de-stressing, and learning how to overcome the mental health challenges life can bring. In this anthem of resilience, Ariana provides an emotional reminder that we can all take those deep breaths during panic and still come out ok on the other side. Her uplifting words about the singer’s anxiety remind us that no matter what panic or anxiety-ridden social situation comes our way, it is important to have faith in ourselves and trust that everything is going to work itself out.

Ariana Grande – breathin

“In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes and Top Pop Songs About Social Anxiety

“In My Blood,” is an anthem for overcoming social anxiety. In the song, Mendes sings about feeling overwhelmed by all the pressure around him even though he knows it’s something that only he has the power to fix. He confesses that sometimes it feels like he can’t find a way out of this dilemma, but ultimately he realizes that if he keeps pushing himself, he will eventually overcome it. With catchy and inspirational lyrics, “In My Blood” serves as an optimistic reminder that there’s always an answer to our biggest problems.

Shawn Mendes – In My Blood (Official Music Video)

“Lose You To Love Me” by Selena Gomez and Pop Songs About Social Anxiety

Selena Gomez recently released a popular song called “Lose You To Love Me” which is full of anxious feelings. From the anxious lyrics to the anxious guitar riffs, it has something for everyone anxious about their love life. Through its thought-provoking lyrics, the song speaks to enduring the pain of letting go of someone’s past in order to truly love themselves. But don’t worry—it’s not too anxious!

Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

“Numb” by Linkin Park and Alternative Rock Songs About Social Anxiety

“Numb” by Linkin Park is a powerful song, released in 2003, that speaks to the issue of social anxiety. The lyrics powerfully convey the sense of distance and confusion many people with this type of mental illness feel when reaching out for help. Despite the somber tone of the song, it contains a message of hope and shows that there are positive ways to find resolutions.

Linkin Park – Numb (Lyrics)

“You Will Be Found” from “Dear Evan Hansen” and Broadway Songs About Social Anxiety

“You Will Be Found” from my current favorite musical, Dear Evan Hansen. It gets my vote for the theme song for social anxiety! It is a beautiful song about the struggles of making friends, especially if you’re feeling anxious about social relationships. It tells the story of Evan’s fear of not being able to fit in and make connections with people. The chorus speaks to how we can only be our true selves and be found when we have friends who accept us for who we are. Its thoughtful lyrics touch on topics like loneliness, courage, and being open to forming friendships.

“You Will Be Found” from the DEAR EVAN HANSEN Original Broadway Cast Recording

“Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me” by Geto Boys and Hip-Hop Songs About Social Anxiety

Its lyrics paint a vivid picture of feeling haunted by life’s ups and downs, and how this can lead to a loss of self-efficacy. It speaks to how our minds can confuse us when we become overwhelmed by the pressures of the world. The narrator struggles with anxiety while at the same time being afraid that every person they see on the street may be out to cause them harm. In many ways, this song speaks to the collective social anxiety that many people experience in our current tumultuous times.

My Mind Playin Tricks on Me

“Basket Case” – Green Day and Punk Rock Songs About Social Anxiety

“Basket Case” by Green Day is an iconic song that expresses the viewpoint of someone struggling with social anxiety. Lyrically, the narrator bemoans their own feelings of apprehension over connecting and communicating with others. The chorus reveals this internal anguish, repeating “Do you have the time to listen to me whine?” This vulnerability stands in stark contrast to the brash instrumentals of the song’s energetic punk rock sound. In other words, “Basket Case” beautifully encapsulates the feeling of being torn between a desire for connection and a fear of intimacy.

Basket Case – Green Day Lyrics

“OK Not to Be Ok” by Marshmello & Demi Lovato and Dance/Electric Songs About Social Anxiety

“OK Not to Be Ok” is a positive reminder from Marshmello & Demi Lovato about the importance of mental health. The song speaks to those with social anxiety and encourages them to allow themselves to be vulnerable and do their best not to hide their emotions. Mental health should never be stifled. By embracing their feelings and understanding it’s OK to not feel “OK”, people can break free from the bonds of social anxiety and find peace in openness.

Marshmello & Demi Lovato – OK Not To Be OK (Official Lyric Video)

“The Outside” by Taylor Swift and Pop and Country Songs About Social Anxiety

Taylor Swift’s song “The Outside” is a great representation of anxiety symptoms and negative feelings that many can relate to. Her lyrics discuss feeling like an outsider, not being seen, and being judged. It captures the emotions associated with social anxiety perfectly, bringing attention to a difficult situation that many people experience.

Taylor Swift – The Outside (w/lyrics) HQ

“High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco and Upbeat Songs About Social Anxiety

The catchy beat of “High Hopes” by Panic! At The Disco instantly became a favorite for me and is perfect for those summertime cookouts with family and friends. The lyrics, while relatable to anyone who’s ever struggled with social anxiety, are hopeful and provide a message of finding self-confidence. It’s a song that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter where they are in their journey.

Panic! At the Disco – High Hopes (Lyrics)

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles Represents Anthem Songs About Social Anxiety

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles is a song that easily resonates with anyone suffering from social anxiety. The empowering lyrics encourage those going through the stresses of life to overcome the hardest things. This heartfelt tune was even awarded the Grammy for Best Solo Performance in 2013 – proof that it has touched millions of people around the world.

Brave – Sara Bareilles (Lyrics)

“Head Above Water” by Avril Lavigne and Punk Songs About Social Anxiety

Avril Lavigne’s “Head Above Water” is an empowering song that brings to life the struggles millions of people with social anxiety face each day. Throughout her lyrics, Lavigne talks about her own long battle with Lyme disease and the feelings of panic and fear associated with it. In a relatable way, she speaks about pushing through and keeping your head above water – no matter what obstacles you face.

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles Represents Anthem Songs About Social Anxiety

Avril Lavigne’s “Head Above Water” is an empowering song that brings to life the struggles millions of people with social anxiety face each day. Throughout her lyrics, Lavigne talks about her own long battle with lyme disease and the feelings of panic and fear associated with it. In a relatable way, she speaks about pushing through and keeping your head above water – no matter what obstacles you face.

Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water (Lyric Video)

“Growing Pains” by Alessia Cara Speaks to Mistakes in Songs About Social Anxiety

“Growing Pains” by Alessia Cara is one of the top songs that speaks to the growing pains of having severe anxiety. It expresses the struggles and emotions of dealing with social anxiety and gives hope for better days ahead. It serves as a reminder to others that they’re not alone in their struggle. The song also encourages listeners to fight through those moments and find strength within themselves.

Alessia Cara- Growing Pains (Lyric Video)

“Moon Song” by Phoebe Bridgers in Safe Space Songs About Social Anxiety

“Moon Song” by Phoebe Bridgers is a beautiful ode to mental illnesses and feeling safe in this world. It speaks to listeners who feel overwhelmed, anxious, and lost in life. The song plainly says that we should accept help as mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. Additionally, it promotes the idea of having a safe space and how healing takes time and self-compassion. With its sweet lyrics, this is an uplifting track for anyone struggling with social anxiety.

Phoebe Bridgers – Moon song (lyrics)

“Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney and Old Rock Songs About Social Anxiety

“Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney sheds light on the stresses of life that many people suffer from, particularly those with social anxiety. The lyrics tell us to take courage and keep fighting, even when the future may seem uncertain. The soothing melody provides a comfort that helps its listeners remain resilient in a difficult world. Despite facing discomfort and fear of being judged, we can all find the strength to carry on.

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney (With Lyrics)

“I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber and Duet Songs About Social Anxiety

“I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran is an inspirational song for people with social anxiety. The strong beat and meaningful lyrics motivate listeners to focus on their special, unique gifts. Sheeran’s message of self-reflection and empowerment encourages us to hold our heads up high and not care what others think.

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care [Official Lyric Video]

“Slow Burn” by Kacey Musgraves and Country Songs About Social Anxiety

Kacey Musgraves’ hit single “Slow Burn” perfectly captures what it’s like to live with social anxiety. One line especially resonates: “Too faint for the masses, so I stay in my lane”. It’s a reminder that it’s ok not to take part in every activity everyone else is doing. Taking life slowly and calmly can be a liberating experience for those struggling with social anxiety. Musgraves’ sentiment of self-love and acceptance is inspiring and encouraging.

Kacey Musgraves – Slow Burn (With Lyrics)

“The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson and Perfect Songs About Social Anxiety

Ingrid Michaelson’s song “The Way I Am” reminds us that those with social anxiety should be proud of who they are. It encourages us to avoid conformity and embrace our own special traits. The upbeat tune implies that we don’t need to change, only accept ourselves and be happy. The lyrics remind us it’s okay to be shattered, scared, or insecure. This message of self-love shines through brilliantly!

The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson Lyrics

“Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello and Alternative/Indie Songs About Social Anxiety

“Bad Things” by Camila Cabello is a great example of how music speaks to lived experiences. The song paints a vivid picture of the isolating effects of social anxiety. For many, it helps express the feeling of being constantly judged or questioned and lacking self-assurance.

“Anxiety” by Julia Michaels ft. Selena Gomez and Christian Songs About Social Anxiety

“Anxiety” is a powerful song by Julia Michaels and it oozes with “social anxiety.” The touching lyrics invoke emotions of panic, fear, and uncertainty. However, by the end of the song, the message to listeners is clear – you are strong and you will overcome. It’s an inspiring anthem that encourages anyone going through similar struggles to persevere.

Julia Michaels – Anxiety (Lyrics) ft. Selena Gomez

“The World at Large” by Modest Mouse and People Songs About Social Anxiety

Modest Mouse’s song “The World at Large” expresses feelings of social anxiety and insecurity. Its captivating melodies evoke a sense of discomfort in the listener, but at the same time, a strange peace. The song speaks to those struggling with identity and finding themselves in their own world. It resonates with so many because it provides comfort in our common psychological struggles. Overall, this track manages to offer its listeners an escape from reality while exploring issues we all face.

“Severe Emotional Distress” by Into Eternity and Death Metal Songs About Social Anxiety

“Severe Emotional Distress” by Into Eternity is an evocative and powerful exploration of dealing with social anxiety. Its lyrics express the anxieties of being lost, isolated, undervalued, and misunderstood. It skillfully communicates the yearning to be accepted without judgment or stigma. This song carries a potent message for many who struggle with similar issues on a daily basis. It creates a safe space for those feeling engulfed by negative thought patterns, providing comfort in its compelling chorus and honest lyrics.

INTO ETERNITY – Severe Emotional Distress (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Solitude” by Black Sabbath and Heavy Metal Songs About Social Anxiety

“Solitude” by Black Sabbath tells the story of a person struggling with social anxiety. Its meaningful lyrics aptly describe the feeling of being overwhelmed in a crowded room and desperately wanting to escape. The melody strikes a chord with those who suffer from social anxiety, providing an outlet for their emotions that puts words to their experience. It is an appealing reminder of how one can find strength in isolation and re-emerge from it renewed.

Black Sabbath – Solitude (lyrics)

“About Damn Time” by Lizzo and R & B Songs About Social Anxiety

“About Damn Time” by Lizzo is an uplifting anthem that calls attention to our need for self-love and acceptance. The lyrics are all about the emotional journey of moving through social anxiety and embracing yourself in spite of it. Through her message, Lizzo motivates listeners to acknowledge their individuality and stand strong in their truth. The song implies that now is the time to overcome your vulnerability, push away hesitation, and live each day like it’s your own.

Lizzo – About Damn Time (Lyrics)

“Demons” by Imagine Dragons and Alternative Songs About Social Anxiety

“Demons” by Imagine Dragons is a powerful song about facing personal struggles. With lyrics that express inner darkness and pain, this song resonates with any listener who has ever faced emotional demons. The Social Anxiety Association uses the song as it provides a powerful message to those suffering from social anxiety: “You can overcome your worries.” Its uplifting message of inner strength and resilience make it an ideal anthem for those with social anxiety, as a reminder of one’s power over their fears.

Imagine Dragons – Demons (Lyrics)

“Lonely” by Lil Wayne and Rap Songs About Social Anxiety

“Lonely” by Lil Wayne resonates with many people struggling with social anxiety. The song conveys a feeling of alienation and the desperation of never being able to fit in. It tells the story of someone who feels like they are an outsider in their own life, unable to connect to anyone or anything around them. Overall, “Lonely” speaks to the shared experience of loneliness and offers understanding for those enduring the challenges of social anxiety.

“Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd and Rock Songs About Social Anxiety

“Learning to Fly” by Pink Floyd is a song about fear and the challenges of stepping into the unknown, making it directly in line with social anxiety. It speaks to the struggle of leaving one’s comfort zone with lyrics such as “Out of self-preservation/I pray for chance to dream”. The chorus line “Breathe, keep breathing/Well learn to fly on our own” has an uplifting quality that resonates with those living with social anxiety and offers hope. Pink Floyd aptly captures the difficult yet empowering process some experience when overcoming social anxiety.

Pink Floyd – Learning To Fly (Official Video With Lyrics)

“Panick Switch” by Silversun Pickups and Indie Songs About Social Anxiety

Silversun Pickups’ song “Panick Switch” best conveys the intense feeling of social anxiety. It’s a well-crafted composition with powerful lyrics and an energetic sound. The lyrics depict a situation in which living life has become absolutely impossible due to fear and insecurity. They also present an idea that suggests panic is the best way to overcome catastrophic feelings. This creative approach to addressing feelings provides an inspirational look at how anxiety can be conquered.

Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch [w/ lyrics]

“FEAR” by Kendrick Lamar and Old Rap Songs About Social Anxiety

Kendrick Lamar’s song, ‘FEAR’, is an emotional masterpiece that tackles social anxiety head-on. Its powerful lyrics embody the core struggles of living with anxiety while maintaining a reflective and uplifting outlook. The song serves as a reminder that everyone feels fear and insecurity in their life, but ultimately one has the power to push through this and fight back. The song’s message is both comforting and inspiring for those who suffer from social anxiety.

Kendrick Lamar – Fear (Lyrics)

“Why Worry” by Dire Straits and Old Rock Songs About Social Anxiety

“Why Worry” by Dire Straits is the perfect theme song for social anxiety. Its soothing guitar riff and lighthearted lyrics provide an uplifting reminder that there’s no need to worry. The lyrics echo a common phrase found in discussions of social anxiety – “It’ll be alright.” This message combined with the laid-back melody makes the song a great choice for anyone struggling with social scenarios. It’s a subtle, but comforting reminder that it’s okay to take things slow and breathe easy.

Dire Straits- Why Worry (Lyric Video)

“Come as You Are” by Nirvana and Old Grunge Songs About Social Anxiety

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s “Come as You Are” is the perfect anthem for those struggling with social anxiety. The song speaks to Kurt’s struggles with substance abuse and drug addiction, while also resonating with listeners who must fight their fears each day. These poignant lyrics provide a reminder that, despite worries of judgment or exclusion, we must simply come as we are.

Nirvana – Come As You Are (Lyrics Video)

“Anxiety” by Jason Isbell and Americana/Folk Songs About Social Anxiety

“Anxiety” by Jason Isbell conveys the insidious presence of a feeling that lurks around every corner. Its harmonies capture the debilitating effects of social anxiety, and its relatable lyrics point to the complexity of this psychological condition. The song speaks to anyone who has ever felt restricted by their own thoughts and actions. Its strong rhythms remind listeners of how difficult it can be to control one’s emotions during moments of distress. With such a powerful message, this song resonates with many people who experience social anxiety.

“Anxiety” by Jason Isbell

“Human” by Christina Perri and Pop Songs About Social Anxiety

“Human” by Christina Perri is an emotional song about facing the struggles of social anxiety in everyday life. It highlights the feelings of insecurity, fear, and doubt that many people experience when interacting with others. The lyrics “all I’m asking for is a little bit of love,” speaks to the desperate need of understanding and acceptance from those around us. The chorus “I’m only human after all, don’t put your blame on me” serves to remind us that everyone makes mistakes and it’s important to not judge one another harshly. Overall, “Human” is a powerful ode to our imperfections and encourages listeners to reach out for help during times of difficulty.z

How this selection of songs could help someone dealing with social anxiety

Music can be a great way to cope with social anxiety. Listening to the right selection of songs can help someone feel more confident and relaxed in any social setting. Music triggers neural pathways in the brain, releasing serotonin and dopamine which can reduce stress, ultimately resulting in an improved overall sense of well-being. The best selection of music for someone dealing with social anxiety should include upbeat songs that create a feeling of energy and positivity, encouraging them to conquer their fears and push beyond their comfort zone. Listening to music helps one focus on positive messages instead of anxious thoughts. Therefore, investing in self-care with music is an effective way to take control and make progress toward managing social anxiety!

7 Tips for Dealing with Negative Feelings Associated with Social Anxiety

Having social anxiety can put a damper on many aspects of your life, and it’s important to understand how to properly deal with it. Here are 7 tips for managing the negative feelings associated with social anxiety:

  1. Identify and challenge irrational thoughts
  2. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing
  3. Take small steps in achieving goals
  4. Avoid situations that make you uneasy
  5. Talk to people you trust
  6. Set realistic expectations
  7. Make time for activities you enjoy.

With the right mindset and commitment, you can help lessen the effects of social anxiety and make life more enjoyable.

Links to other Resources About Social Anxiety

Struggling with social anxiety can feel overwhelming, but there are many resources available to help. Consider visiting organizations like:

All of these websites offer important advice and hope for a better tomorrow – reach out today!

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