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301 Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram: Love Is Love

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Looking for some Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram? Well, you are in luck! Here are 301 Dolly Parton quotes plus Love is Love captions for Pride Month in June, LGBTQ+ holidays throughout the year, and Dolly’s birthday on January 19! We’re about to twirl on a wild and wonderful journey into the world of Dolly Parton, the queen of sass, country tunes, and all-around good vibes! Talk about cuteness overload!

Like the country music superstar, “I was born with a happy heart. I’ve always tried to let that shine even during my dark times.” How’s that for a brighter day?

She’s the “Dolly Lama,” the ultimate “Queen of Country,” and proudly known as “The Book Lady.” Dolly Parton isn’t just a country music icon—she’s a style maven, savvy businesswoman, big-hearted philanthropist, wordsmith extraordinaire, and all-around creative powerhouse.

Over her epic 50-year career, she’s penned over 3,000 songs, snagged 10 Grammy Awards (with a whopping 50 nods), sold a staggering 100 million records, topped the Billboard charts 25 times, and she’s still rocking and rolling at a fabulous 75. Dolly doesn’t just sing; she sparkles, she inspires, and she keeps the world twirling with her magical mix of talent and heart.

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So, why are we here today, gathered around the virtual campfire of the internet? Well besties, with these Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram we’re throwing a cyber bash to celebrate Pride Month, LGBTQ+ holidays sprinkled like glitter throughout every year, and Dolly’s birthday!

Get ready for a rollercoaster of quotes, blonde jokes, giggles, snark, and sass – plus a few heartwarming moments as we twirl into the fabulous world of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram and lyrics, but more importantly, who she supports.

I'm Proud Of Who I Am And I Love Who I Love
I’m Proud Of Who I Am And I Love Who I Love

Celebrating support for the LGBTQ+ community through Dolly Parton quotes For Instagram

Yeppers, that’s right! The rhinestone cowgirl isn’t just about catchy tunes – she’s a force of nature, a sparkly tornado of talent, wit, and big hair. And guess what? She’s also a fierce ally for LGBTQ+ people! 🌈 Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram have some serious wisdom that’ll warm your heart and celebrate the beauty of inclusivity! 🎶💖 #Dolly #InclusivityMatters

Dolly made a good point with: “Yes, I support gay marriage. They have every right to be as miserable as straight people.” – RIGHT?! Let’s hope that we are all a little happier than out-right miserable! Don’t focus on the bad things. Find your happy place and make life a grand Dollywood adventure of good times!

Dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram About Being Who You are

I think it is awesome how Dolly didn’t care what people thought of her – she supports LGBTQ+ people and communities – with no ifs, ands, or buts! You go, girl! Here are some Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram from the smoky mountain queen that emphasize inclusivity and acceptance:

  • “I’ve had to go against all kinds of people through the years just to be myself. I think everybody should be allowed to be who they are, and to love who they love.”
  • “We’re all just God’s children, and I don’t think we’re supposed to judge each other.”
  • “Love knows no boundaries; it sees beyond color, gender, and background.”
  • “I don’t try to compete with anybody else. I got to be me.”
  • “Don’t be a coward. Don’t be influenced by other people. You know who you are. If you don’t, you need to find out pretty soon. You can’t live your life trying to please other people. Go for it!”
  • “Whoever you are, be that!”
  • “I just wanted to be different. I wanted to be seen.”
  • “I like the attention. But not just from boys, I liked just having the attention of feeling like I was different and special.”
  • “People will use you as long as you let them.”
  • “Wildflowers don’t care where they grow.”
  • “Less is not more. More is more.”
"I don't judge people in terms of their sexual orientation. That's their business, not mine."~ Dolly parton
I Don’t Judge People
  • “Our diversity makes us stronger. Let’s celebrate the unique tapestry of humanity.”
  • “I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.”
  • “If you’re different, you’re meant to be something special. If you’re here and you’re different, it’s because God knew you were needed here.”
  • “I’m proud of who I am, and I love who I love. I don’t have to explain or defend my choices to anyone.”
  • “I’m not a saint, and I’m not a devil. I’m just a simple girl trying to make her way in this world.”
  • “We’re all just trying to find our way home, and there’s no one right path. Embrace your journey and respect others on theirs.”
  • “Love is love, and that’s all that matters. It’s not our place to decide who someone else should love.”
  • “We should celebrate our differences and learn from each other, not fear what we don’t understand.”
  • “Find out who you are and do it on purpose, with purpose.”
  • “If you know who you are and keep that in mind at all times, then you won’t sacrifice your principles, your values, your true self. You can look in the mirror and feel good about yourself – even feel pretty – inside and out.”
  • “You don’t have to look like everybody else. You don’t have to be a raving beauty to be special and to be beautiful.”

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about celebrating who you are! Embrace your quirks, flaunt your sparkle, and let your true colors shine brighter than a Dollywood fireworks show! Keep rocking those cowboy boots with pride, because the world needs your unique brand of fabulous. Stay weird, stay wonderful, and keep blazing your trail your own way, like Dolly blazes her rhinestone-studded path!

“I believe in kindness, understanding, and acceptance. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.” - Dolly Parton
I Believe in Kindness

Dolly Parton Quotes about Marriage and Lifting Each Other Up

Dolly has it right. Love should be celebrated, no matter what direction it is coming from and love is love. There isn’t enough love in this world, it seems, so we should be basking in it every chance that we get. Here are some Dolly Parton quotes about her marriage to Carl Thomas Dean
and lifting each other up:

  • “I married my husband because he’s a good man, not because of his age or how he looks.”
  • “A good marriage is different to everyone. It’s different to each individual.
  • “I’ve always been open-minded. I try my best to understand and appreciate people for who they are.”
  • “We’re all in this together, and we should be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.”
  • “Sometimes chivalry is just nice.”
  • “Even the bad times were good. There were good times as well as bad times. But that’s how memories are made.”
  • “Nothing’s ever easy. If it is, it ain’t worth it.”
  • “He has been a wingdingless man of his word ever since.”
  • “I thought he was really handsome in his tux, but you could tell by the look on his face it suited him like a sock on a rooster.
  • “But desire, Ethan, is where it all begins. If you don’t want more, you don’t get more.”
  • “I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence.”
  • “The secret to a long marriage is to stay gone.”
  • “My husband calls me ‘catfish.’ He says I’m all mouth and no brains.”
  • “Leave something good in every day.”
  • “If we all climb together, we could climb the highest hill.”
“Find out who you are and do it on purpose" - Dolly Parton
Find Out Who You Are

And that wraps up our journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about marriage and lifting each other up! Remember, love and support are the heartbeats of a strong partnership. Keep nurturing each other, lifting your partner higher than the highest hill in the Smokies, and let your love story shine as brightly as Dolly’s sequins. Keep dancing through life together, cherishing every moment, and spreading love like Dolly spreads joy. Shine on, y’all!

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram about Acceptance

Wouldn’t it be great if people just accepted everyone else for who they are, instead of cutting them down for what they don’t understand or for what scares them? An open mind is such a wonderful thing and people should get awards for having one, IMHO. Sparkle and twirl into some awesome Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about acceptance.

  • “I believe in kindness, understanding, and acceptance. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.”
  • “I’ve never been one to judge, and I don’t plan on starting now. We’re all on our own journey.”
  • “I think everybody has the right to be who they are.”
  • “Being true to yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.”
  • I find it doesn’t help at all
    To sit around and brood
    I find nobody gives a damn
  • “I’ve had enough fighting
    I’m more into righting
    What’s wrong when it’s broken apart.”
  • “You don’t even have to believe in anything to be good to people. You should just know you should be a good human being.”
  • “I don’t care what other people do as long as I’m left alone to do what I do and to do it my way.”
  • “But I had to work ten times as hard to get half the attention.”
  • “If people want to pass judgment, they’re already sinning. The sin of judging is just as bad as any other sin they might say somebody else is committing. I try to love everybody.”

Well, buttercups and rhinestones, that’s a wrap on our journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about acceptance! Remember, darlin’, in Dolly’s world, every heart beats to its own rhythm, and every sparkle adds to the grand tapestry of life. Keep rockin’ to uniqueness, spread kindness like confetti, and keep shining, y’all!

“We should celebrate our differences and learn from each other, not fear what we don’t understand.” - Dolly Parton
Celebrate Our Differences

Dolly Parton Quotes for Inastagram: Dolly’s role as an LGBTQ+ ally

One of the most admirable things about Dolly is her genuine and unconditional acceptance. She labeled herself: “An ally.” She believes in the power of love and openly supports the LGBTQ+ community, emphasizing that everyone should be allowed to be true to themselves. Whether it’s through interviews, public statements, or her philanthropic work, Dolly has made it clear that love knows no boundaries.

In her 1991 song “Family,” Parton sang, “Some are preachers / some are gay / some are addicts, drunks and strays / But not a one is turned away when it’s family.” This is the way it should be, right?! I resonate with this song on a deeper level because I was a hardcore drug addict and my kids disowned me – rightfully so. I just hit 5 years clean and my oldest daughter, who is transgender, just recently reached out and I’m so thrilled. Everyone deserves a family. Nobody said it was easy.

But it’s not just about Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram — it’s about actions. She has shown her support by engaging with the LGBTQ+ community, attending events, and using her platform to promote inclusivity. Dolly understands the struggles faced by the community and stands as a beacon of hope and acceptance.

My daughter is very involved in her community and I am so proud of her! A lot of people lose their family because of how they were born and that is sad.

“Help us give books to kids who need them. Who crave them. And whose lives will be forever changed by them.”

Dolly Parton

Moreover, the authenticity of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram – and Dolly, herself – resonates with people from all walks of life. She’s not afraid to be herself, and she encourages others to do the same. In a world where authenticity can sometimes take a backseat, Dolly’s unwavering commitment to being true to herself and supporting others is a breath of fresh air.

“When I started the imagination library, I wanted to have a charity that was something that I could believe and, something that meant something that was personal to me. And so that’s how I built my whole life whether it be the theme park, production companies, or whatever.”

Dolly Parton

Dolly’s advocacy goes beyond the stage and into her philanthropic efforts. Her generous donations and support for organizations working towards LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity demonstrate her dedication to making a positive impact. Now, getting back to Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram.

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Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram About Love

Howdy, y’all! Gather ’round for a dose of Dolly magic straight from the heart. Our favorite country queen once sang, “Love is something sent from heaven to worry the hell out of you.” Get ready to swoon, smile, and soak in some Dolly wisdom as we explore quotes about love and positivity that’ll make your heart sing!

Dolly’s melodies, like love notes from the universe, carry wisdom that sparkles with positivity. In this section, let’s bask in the radiance of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram — a symphony of joy and inspiration that warms the soul.

  • “If you want to see the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. And sometimes, a good laugh is the best umbrella.”
  • “I’m not happy all the time, and I wouldn’t want to be because that would make me a shallow person. But I do try to find the good in everybody.”
  • “The magic is inside you. There ain’t no crystal ball.”
  • “Spread love like confetti; the more you give, the more comes back to you.”
  • “You can’t replace lost time, but you can make the most of what’s ahead.”
  • “Love is like a butterfly
    As soft and gentle as a sigh
    The multicolored moods of love are like its satin wings
    Love makes your heart feel strange inside
    It flutters like soft wings in flight
    Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing”
  • “My daddy has a chain five miles long, on each link a heart for a lover he has lost.”
  • “I think of country radio like a great lover: you were nice to me, you gave me a lot of cool stuff, and then you dumped my ass for another woman.”
  • “We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work for a brighter day. Love too often gets buried in a world of hurt and fear. And we have to work to dig it out so we can share it with our family, our friends, and our neighbors.”
  • “Lost and found, I’m safe sound No more drifting aimlessly, I’ve settled down I’ve finally came around No more to roam, those days are gone I was alone, now I know I don’t have to be Since your amazing love has found me”
"I have always been a person who believed in embracing diversity and not seeing people in boxes" Dolly Parton
Embracing Diversity
  • “You’re supposed to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” –
  • “I’ve always been a writing fool. I love to write. I wrote my will recently, and I wrote a song on the way to the lawyer’s office.”
  • “When I wake up, I expect things to be good. If they’re not, then I try to set about trying to make them as good as I can ’cause I know I’m gonna have to live that day anyway.”
  • “A bird & a fish can fall in love, but where do they make a home?”
  • “I strengthen the muscles around my heart, but I can’t harden it.”
  • “I know how to stand my ground. I know how to speak up. I know how to stand sturdy. But that doesn’t mean I’ve hardened my heart.”
  • “So here I was trying to get married to a man who hadn’t really asked me, with a boss that didn’t want me to and a town that wouldn’t let me do it when I wanted. Yet I knew in my heart it was right.”
  • “Once the top man had fallen, it was easier to teach the rest of the Partons to say ‘I love you.’ Now it is something we all do freely.”
  • “She couldn’t see his eyes under the brim of his baseball cap, but they were probably smoldering enough to start a fire.”
  • “I wish you joy and happiness. But above all of this, I wish you love.”
  • “I’m a fool to keep staying, when you’ve made hurting me such an art.”

And that’s a wrap, y’all! Remember, love like Dolly—fearlessly and with a touch of sparkle. Let her words of wisdom guide you as you spread kindness, joy, and a little Dolly spirit wherever you go. Until next time, keep hugging tight and singing loud—because in Dolly’s world, love and Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram truly do make everything better!

Dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram about Individuality and Authenticity

Step into the dazzling world of Dolly’s insights as we explore a collection of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram celebrating individuality and authenticity. In this section, we’ll unravel the pearls of wisdom this country queen graciously shares, reminding us all to embrace our unique selves with unapologetic flair. Get ready for a dose of Dolly’s charm and wisdom that’s as authentic as she is!

  • “You gotta keep trying to find your own voice and style.”
  • “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”
  • “I’m not trying to be different. To me, I’m just being myself.”
  • “Unique is better than perfect; it’s what makes you unforgettable.”
  • “Be the alligator girl. Be whatever your dreams and your luck will let you be. Wear your green cornflakes with pride. Snarl at the crowds, and do your best to make them flinch. Give them a quarter’s worth of wonder.”
  • “Sometimes you could see the scars and sometimes you couldn’t. But everybody had them.”
  • “If you try to follow everyone else and be like everyone else, before you know it you’re gone. You’re not going to find yourself again; you’ll just be a version of what you might have hoped to have been.”
  • “It’s like a battery that has to have a positive and a negative. One doesn’t work without the other. You’ve gotta have the good and the bad in order to know what’s right, and in order to know what’s real and what ain’t.”
  • “A minute to Dolly’s like a lifetime to everybody else.”
  • “I’m sometimes asked what it takes to be pretty. For me, feeling pretty is feeling like I accomplished what I wanted to do that day.”
  • “I like all that frilly stuff. Like I’ve always said, it’s a good thing I was a girl, or I’d definitely have been a drag queen! Most definitely.”
  • “I try to see the good in everybody, and I don’t care who people are as long as they’re themselves, whatever that is.”
  • “I think so many people live their whole life in fear and doubt and shame.”

And that’s a wrap on our quirky adventure through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram celebrating individuality and authenticity! Remember, darlin’, in a world full of copies, be an original masterpiece like Dolly herself. Embrace your quirks, flaunt your sparkle, and shine brighter than Dolly’s sequins. Until next time, keep rocking your uniqueness, spreading joy like Dolly spreads music, and remember: you’re one of a kind, just like our beloved queen of country. Shine on, y’all!

“I’ve always been open-minded. I try my best to understand and appreciate people for who they are.” - Dolly Parton
Be Open Minded

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram About Faith & Gratitude

Dolly’s gratitude journal: sassy class meets thankfulness. Step into a realm of appreciation with Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about faith and gratitude. Let the sparkle of Dolly guide you into a world where every “thank you” is a twirl of love is love:

  • “Thank God for each day; it’s a gift we shouldn’t take for granted.”
  • “I wake up every morning, thank God, and then go about my day thanking Him for the day that’s ahead.”
  • “They think I’m simpleminded because I seem to be happy. Why shouldn’t I be happy? I have everything I ever wanted and more. Maybe I am simpleminded. Maybe that’s the key: simple.”
  • “God is in everything I do and all my work glorifies Him.”
  • “I make a point to appreciate all the little things in my life. I go out and smell the air after a good, hard rain. I re-read passages from my favorite books. I hold the little treasures that somebody special gave me. These small actions help remind me that there are so many great, glorious pieces of good in the world.”
  • “I think it’s so important to instill in children to have faith and to know there are great things out there. Greatness is out there, greatness you can tap into. But it has to start from in your heart.”
  • “If I can hold God’s attention, I can hold the world’s..”
  • “Another thing we loved to do was to catch June bugs and tie them to a string…Sometimes you could just fantasize about him being able to lift you right off the ground to where you could soar up among the clouds and look down at the trees and the fields…I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of those five-legged June bugs for those dreams, fleeting though they may have been.”
  • Getting ready for church, a brother would say, ‘Come tie my bow tie,’ and some smart-aleck sibling would shout, ‘Bless him, Lord,’ and the rest of us would join in, all pretending to be caught up in the spirit.”
  • “You’re only poor if you choose to be. Meaning: you can be rich in spirit, you can be rich in thought, you can be rich in talent and you can be rich in all those wonderful things.”
  • “So there I sat, trying to be holy, praying for forgiveness for sins I couldn’t put my finger on, repenting for things I had put my finger on, and all the while being aware of the boys looking at me, the woods behind the church, and the possible combinations of all of these things.”
  • “I ask God every day to bring all the right things and all the right folks into my life and help me recognize them when they show up.”
  • “Me and God have a great relationship, but we’re both seeing other people.”
  • “I always count my blessings more than I count my money. I don’t work for money, never did.”
  • “We need to believe in something bigger than ourselves, otherwise we just become egomaniacs. If you don’t have something to look forward to and lean on, it’s a hard fall when [bad] things happen.”
  • “Prayer is not a formal affair, it’s more a come-as-you-are.”
  • “God made me the way that I am and it’s my business to be true to that.”
  • “I pray a lot. I pray that God will show me what to do and will guide me and lead me.”
  • “I always ask God to work through me and let me be a light of some kind and help in this world, so I always pray for that, and I always want to do good.”“I believe above the storm the smallest prayer will still be heard.”

Well, folks, that concludes our whimsical journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about faith and gratitude! Remember, embrace faith in yourself and others, count your blessings daily, and let gratitude illuminate your path like Dolly’s radiant spirit. May your days be filled with faith, your hearts overflow with gratitude, and may you spread kindness and joy wherever you go.

"Don't judge me by the cover, 'cause I'm a real good book" - Dolly Parton
Don’t Judge Me By The Cover

Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram About Friendship and Connection:

Unlocking the wisdom of Dolly, where rhinestones meet profound thoughts. Shoot into a glittery galaxy of Dolly Parton quotes on friendship and connection – because life’s too short for dull conversations!

  • “I think people just need to be who they are. That’s the main thing I got from all of my friends.”
  • “To me, friendship is about a bond of love, respect, and shared laughter.”
  • “Leave something good in every day.”
  • “Never ignore your roots, your home, or your hair.”
  • “I always just thought if you see somebody without a smile, give’em yours!”
  • “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.”
  • “Lost count of all the countless things I’ve lost throughout the years Lost friends and time and interest in The things I should hold dear
  • “Demons, demons, we both had enough of our own
    Demons, demons, we don’t have to fight them alone”
  • “I like you. And that’s not something I say very often.”
  • “Female singers should just be sprinkled into airplay now and again as garnish. ‘The tomatoes of our salad are the females,’ Ruthanna said. That was his exact quote. And that’s why they call it Tomato-gate.”
  • “There’s some that constantly put monkeys on your back. It’ their monkey, but somehow you end up carrying it.
  • “Often there are people who really care, but they constantly have problems and they want to share it with you and you’re constantly trying to fix things for them. In truth, you’re worried more about their problems than you do your own. Be weary of the monkeys.”
  •  “Here I am, a country girl from East Tennessee, about to die somewhere off the coast of Australia, side by side with a gay man from New York.”
  • “A loose tongue can lead to broken teeth.”
  • “People feel like they’ve known me so long because I’ve been around a long time. I’m really like an aunt or a cousin or a person you’ve grown up with – like somebody in the family. So I think they feel comfortable with me. I really think that is Southern hospitality.”

And that’s a wrap on our delightful journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about friendship and connection! Keep cherishing those special bonds, lifting each other up, and spreading joy like Dolly spreads sparkle. Hold your friends close, love fiercely, and let your connections shine.

“A great smile is a wonderful asset, but a good heart is pure gold.” - Dolly Parton
A Good Heart Is Pure Gold

dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram about Success and Ambition

Welcome to a Dolly-tastic journey through the glittering galaxy of success and ambition, where dreams are as big as Dolly’s hair and determination runs deeper than her Southern drawl. So, grab your sequins and let’s disco dance through Dolly’s wisdom on achieving your wildest dreams!

Dolly’s playbook on success: more glitter, less bitter. Explore the dazzling universe of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram, where ambition meets rhinestones. Get ready to sprinkle some stardust on your aspirations!

  • “I said I’m going to Nashville and I’m going to be a star.”
  • “Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible.
  • “I’ve never been a feminist.”
  • “I’m the little engine that did!”
  • “Reading inspires us to dream..”
  • “Dreams are of no value if they’re not equipped with wings!”
  • “Pour yourself a cup of ambition.”
  • “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”
  • “Above everything else I’ve done, I’ve always said I’ve had more guts than I’ve got talent.”
  • “I know who I am; I know what I can and can’t do. I know what I will and won’t do. I know what I am capable of and I don’t agree to do things that I don’t think I can pull off.”
  • “I wake up with new dreams everyday.”
  • “Dark night, bright future
    Like the phoenix from the ashes, I shall rise again”
  • “Is it easy?
    No it ain’t
    Can I fix it?
    No I cain’t
    But I sure ain’t gonna take it lyin’ down”
  • “When a girl didn’t have anyone to stand up for her, that girl had to stand up for her own damn self.”
  • “She cared so much about her words, her creative expression, when what mattered to everyone else was the bottom line. Everything was a business–even art. She’d written the songs, but she wouldn’t be able to truly own them. Not if she wanted the rest of the world to hear them.”
  • “If you want to make it in this town, being talented is just one little tiny part of the battle. Fearlessness is mandatory. And shamelessness sure as hell don’t hurt.”
  • “I’m driven
    Driven to be smarter
    Driven to work harder
    Driven to be better everyday
    Driven to keep on and on
    To achieve the things I want
    I’ll be sorry if I don’t
    Make the most of livin’
  • “Be whatever your dreams and your luck will let you be.”
  • “She’d kept too many secrets and abandoned too many people, and that wasn’t even the worst of it.”
  • “Don’t ever be late. It’s like proclaiming that your time is more important than someone else’s.”
  • “I don’t give advice, but I’ve got a lot of information to share.”
  • “I was so desperate to perform that on more than one occasion I sang for the chickens and the pigs and ducks. They didn’t applaud much, but with the aid of a little corn, they could be counted on to hang around for a while.”
  • “It’s a rich man’s game no matter what they call it
    And you spend your life puttin’ money in his wallet”
  • “There’s a better life, and you dream about it, don’t you?”
  • “I believe that you need to stick with one thing long enough to make it happen.”
  • “I don’t kiss nobody’s butt.”
  • “Tell me I have to be somewhere, and I’ll be there 20 minutes early and stay there longer than anybody else. You hold up a lot of people if you’re not on time.”
  • “I’m a working girl. I don’t make people bend over backwards, and I don’t like that in people. I am definitely no diva.”
  • “I never think of myself as a star. I think of myself as a working woman. And this is the job I love. And I’m grateful that I get to make a good living at what I love to do.”
  • “You always want your people to be proud of what you have accomplished.”
  • “I really wish that y’all could have seen the look on my lawyer’s face 24 years ago when I told him I wanted to start a theme park and call it Dollywood. He thought I’d already taken the train to Crazywood.”
  • “I do believe that any successful business starts from the top and works its way down.”
  • “Being a star just means that you just find your own special place and that you shine where you are.”
  • “You know, I look like a woman, but I think like a man. And in this world of business, that has helped me a lot. Because by the time they think that I don’t know what’s goin’ on, I then got the money, and am gone.”
  • “Don’t lose your temper; use it.”
  • “Some of my dreams are so big they would scare you.”
  • “I never tried quitting, and I never quit trying.”

And that’s a wrap on our fabulous tour of success and ambition, Dolly style! Remember, darlings, whether you’re climbing the charts or just climbing out of bed, channel your inner Dolly and keep chasing those dreams with a twinkle in your eye and a song in your heart. Let Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram guide you as you conquer mountains and make magic happen. Keep shining bright and dreaming even bigger—just like our beloved queen of country, Dolly Parton!

“Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” ― Dolly Parton as Truvy Jones (Steel Magnolias)
Laughter Through Tears

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram About Life’s Journey

Dolly’s roadmap to life: where her starry smile illuminates the journey. Polka on through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram that map out life’s twists and turns – a dazzling navigation of wisdom and sparkles. Because in my & Dolly’s world, the journey is just as fabulous as the destination!

  • “I’ve always been open-minded. I try my best to understand and appreciate people for who they are.”
  • “Life’s like a movie; write your own ending.”
  • “Life is a song; love is the melody.
  • “Storms make trees take deeper roots.”
  • “Smile — it increases your face value.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be something if we could have things we love in abudance without their losing that special attraction the want of them held for us.”
  • “Fate granted some people their wildest, greatest wishes while leaving the simplest pleas of others unanswered.”
  • “It would be better to have a new enemy, wouldn’t it, instead of an old one? The demons of the past were the hardest to slay.”
  • “I’m back where I started, she marveled. But now everything’s different.”
  • “You never know how you’re going to respond to a situation like that until you’re actually in it.”
  • “In the good old days when times were bad
    No amount of money could buy from me
    The memories that I have of then
    No amount of money could pay me
    To go back and live through it again”
  • “Wondering what sort of person would live in a place like this.”
  • “It’s easy to get lost.. But you can’t do that, you’ve got to focus on who you are, what you want, and what your talents are.”
  • “We live a pretty peaceful life, actually.”
  • “Anyone who says you can’t take it with you has never seen me pack.”
  • “A positive attitude and a sense of humor go together like biscuits and gravy.”
  • “I still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and true love. Don’t even try to tell me different.”“I still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and true love. Don’t even try to tell me different.”
  • “I love traveling all over the world; but it’s true: there’s nothing like home.”

And that wraps up our delightful journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about life’s journey! Remember, every twist, turn, and twirl is part of your unique adventure. Embrace the highs, learn from the lows, and keep moving forward with the same determination and grace as our beloved Dolly. May your path be lined with laughter, your heart filled with hope, and your spirit lifted by the joy of living. You’re writing your own beautiful story every day!

"It's a good thing I was born a girl; otherwise, I'd be a drag queen." - Dolly Parton
It’s A Good Thing I Was Born A Girl

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram about Strength And Encouragement

Howdy y’all! Buckle up and grab your sparkliest cowboy hat because we’re twirling into a spotlight of Dolly Partons quotes for Instagram about strength and encouragement. As our queen of country once sang, “You gotta keep trying, gotta keep smiling, gotta keep shining through.” So, let’s hitch our wagons to Dolly’s spirit and trot down the trail of quotes that’ll lift your spirits higher than Dollywood’s roller coasters!

  • “I learned a long time ago: ‘Don’t follow in my footsteps, follow your own.'”
  • “I’m not one to give advice. But I always say, ‘If someone’s gonna stab you in the back, just make sure they hit between the shoulder blades.'”
  • “Being a star just means that you just find your own special place, and that you shine where you are.”
  • “My coat of many colors that my mama made for me,
    Made only from rags, but I wore it so proudly.
    Now I know we had no money, but I was rich as I could be.
  • “I’ve often said I don’t lose my temper as much as use it. I don’t do either unless I have to because I love peace and harmony, but when you step in my territory, I will call you on it.”
  • “I look back on all that now, and I realize this helped to build my character. It helped me build my own strength.”
  • “I want to continue to try to be as good as I can at all my abilities. I want to make the most of them.”
  • “I try to be a better me. I don’t try to compete with anybody else.”
  • “I’m not really that aware of what other people are doing, I’m not that interested in other people’s business. I got to be my best self.”
  • “Don’t be a coward. Know who you are. Do what you do, don’t be so easily influenced by other people, don’t be insecure about it. You know who you are.”
  • “You can’t live your whole life trying to please other people.”
  • “I sang loud and strong with the security that comes with knowing that one way or another, it’ll be over soon.”
  • “I’ve always tried to never step on anybody to get where I am. I’ve had to walk around a few people, jump over a few of ‘em now and then, but I think you’re a true success when you’ve seen your dreams come true and you can take pride in how you did it, and take pride in and respect and appreciate the people that helped you get there.”
  • “I never felt I belonged. Never belonged in my whole life, even as a little kid. I was just different and so I never really found my place till I moved to Nashville and got in the music business. That was my real place, so I fit in.”
  • “I’ve had heartaches, headaches, toothaches, earaches, and I’ve had a few pains in the ass, but I’ve survived to tell about it.”
  • “If you’re feeling low, don’t despair. The sun has a sinking spell every night, but it comes back up every morning.”
  • “Paradise is a state of mind.”

And there you have it, folks! Keep strutting your stuff like you’re on Dolly’s stage, because strength isn’t just about muscles—it’s about heart, grit, and a fabulous wardrobe! Let Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram continue to inspire you to reach for the stars and always remember, there ain’t no mountain high enough when you’ve got Dolly’s determination in your corner.

"If someone's gonna stab you in the back, just make sure they hit between the shoulder blades." - Dolly Parton
If Someone’s Gonna Stab You In The Back

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram About Creativity and Inspiration

Dolly’s creativity is full of musical masterpieces. Delve into the brilliance of Dolly Parton’s quotes for Instagram about creativity and inspiration – where imagination dances in sequins, and every idea is a country song waiting to be written. Spark your own creative revolution with a touch of Dolly magic! ✨

  • “I have to be creative to stay alive.”
  • “I have a right to my dreams, just like you have a right to yours.”
  • “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”
  • “Dreams are of no value if they’re not equipped with wings.”
  • “You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”
  • “I would never stoop so low as to be fashionable.”
  • “Because books, my friends, are true magic bound between two covers.”
  • “I got dreams so big they’d scare some people.”
  • “Whatever I write is just what comes out of me, and I refuse to be judged.”
  • “The doc swore she came out screamin’ in the key of E.”
  • “I try to improve every day. If there’s a better outfit, I want to wear it. If there’s a better song I want to write it. If there’s a better record I want to record it.”
  • “You’ve got to be smart enough to know- is it good enough? Is this a dream that I can accomplish? Am I good enough at this? Am I good enough to even have enough personality to go ahead, if my personality is stronger or greater than my talent, how can I combine the two?”
  • “The seeds of dreams are often found in books, and the seeds you help plant in your community can grow across the world.”
  • “I still believe that women should get paid equal and should be treated with respect. I’m all about that. I don’t get out and have to preach it or march in the streets, I write about it.”
  • “I never let a rhinestone go unturned!”
  • “When I wake up, I expect things to be good. If they’re not, then I try to set about trying to make them as good as I can ’cause I know I’m gonna have to live that day anyway. So why not try to make the most of it if you can?”
  • “I’m very real where it counts, and that’s inside.”
  • “Dream more, learn more, care more, and be more.”
  • “I think that all creative people are a little bit nuts…”

And there you have it, folks—our creative journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram that inspire and ignite the imagination! Remember, like Dolly herself, creativity knows no bounds. Embrace your unique vision, let your creativity flow like a melody, and inspire others with your passion and drive. Keep dreaming big, creating boldly, and let your artistic spirit shine as brightly as Dolly’s stage lights.

Dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram About Self-Reflection

Dolly’s mirror of introspection. Explore the profound depths of self-reflection with Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about self-reflection. A glittering pool of insights that encourages you to spin carefree in the spotlight of self-discovery. Because in Dolly’s world, self-reflection is just as fabulous as a sequined gown, right?

  • “I look just like the girls next door – if you happen to live next door to an amusement park.”
  • “I had to choose between getting some food or a guitar. So I chose the guitar, and I’ve been happy ever since.
  • “Dream more, learn more, care more and be more.”
  • “A great smile is a wonderful asset, but a good heart is pure gold.”
  • “Being a star just means that you just find your own special place, and that you shine where you are.”
  • “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”
  • “I just like horny songs.”
  • “Although I look like a drag queen’s Christmas tree on the outside, I am at heart a simple country woman.”
  • “I think you need to make friends with yourself, you need to be your own best friend.You need to know who you are.”
  • “I know what I can do what I want to do, and what I believe is best for me.”
  • “If you’re true to you, then life will be true to you.”
  • “If you know who you are, and you keep that in mind at all times, and not let that get away from you to sacrifice your principles, your values, your true self.”
  • “I know what I can do and what i want to do, but I try to be smart about the things I choose to do. I also surround myself with really good people.”
  • “Don’t let nobody else tell you that you’re wrong. If you believe what you believe about yourself to be true, that’s all you really have to know to be and anchored, decent human being.”
  • “You’ve got to come to terms with yourself early on. Be true to you, to know what you can do, and if it’s worth it, to get out there and go for it, and then that’s what you need to do.”
  • “I often think of that moment at times when I’m feeling ‘too big for my britches,’ and it tends to have a humbling effect.”
  • “I was born with a happy heart. I’m always looking for things to be better.”
  • “We just gotta do our best day-to-day, be the best person we can, do the best work we can, and just keep on dreamin’.”
  • “I’m proud of my hillbilly, white trash background. To me that keeps you humble, that keeps you good. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try to outrun it – if that’s who you are, that’s who you are. It’ll show up once in a while.”
  • “I am a tender-hearted person, and I feel everything to the ninth degree.”
  • “You can be rich in spirit, kindness, love and all those things that you can’t put a dollar sign on.”

As we close this chapter on Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about self-reflection, remember that introspection is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the moments of clarity, learn from the challenges, and celebrate your growth like Dolly celebrates every stage of her incredible career. Keep looking within, trusting your instincts, and let your inner wisdom guide you on your path forward. May your journey of self-discovery be as empowering as Dolly’s timeless melodies!

Dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram About Aging Gracefully

Dolly’s guide to aging: age is just a song and dance number! Explore the timeless allure of Dolly Parton’s quotes for Instagram about aging gracefully – where wrinkles are just well-earned badges of glitter, and every year adds another verse to the song of fabulousness. Embrace the journey, darling, because Dolly said so!

  • “You’re not old until you’ve replaced dreams with regrets.”
  • “I don’t plan to retire. I just want to keep on working until I can’t work anymore.”
  • “I’m not as young as I once was, but I’m as young once as I ever was.”
  • “A rhinestone shines just as good as a diamond.”
  • “I wear make-up, and it gets a little thicker every year.”
  • “When I sit back in my rocking chair someday, I want to be able to say I’ve done it all.”
  • “If I see something saggin’, baggin’ or draggin’, I’m gone have it nipped, tucked or sucked!”
  • “I’m old enough and cranky enough now that if someone tried to tell me what to do, I’d tell them where to put it.” 
  • “I have pretty good skin considering my age, and I think a lot of it is mineral oil and bacon grease.” 
  • “Now people are always asking me, What do you want people to say about you 100 years from now?’ I always say I want them to say ‘Dang, don’t she still look good for her age.’”
  • “People say, ‘how you stay looking so young?’ I say, well, good lighting, good doctors, and good makeup.”
  • “When I’m older, I’ll be like all those old haggard ladies that write their life stories about all the men they slept with and all… Not that they shouldn’t. But they’re right to wait so long, ’cause if you start too soon tellin’ about who all you slept with, you’re gonna run into a lot of guys that don’t want to take a chance on makin’ your next book.”
  • “I don’t know what the big deal is about old age. Old people who shine from the inside look 10 to 20 years younger.”
  • “I say that I’m as old as yesterday, but hopefully as new as tomorrow.”
  • “Stop this attitude that older people ain’t any good anymore! We’re as good as we ever were—if we ever were any good.”
  • “Time marches on and sooner or later you realize it is marching across your face.”
  • “I love bald men. Just because you’ve lost your fuzz don’t mean you ain’t a peach.”

And that concludes our journey through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about aging gracefully! Remember, like Dolly herself, aging is a journey best embraced with grace, humor, and a whole lot of sparkle. Let her words remind you to celebrate every laugh line, cherish every memory, and continue shining bright at every stage of life. May your days be filled with joy, your heart with gratitude, and your spirit with the timeless elegance of Dolly Parton.

“I wish you joy and happiness, but above all of this I wish you love.” - Dolly Parton
Above All I Wish You Love

dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram About Music And Artistry

Dolly’s melody of wisdom: where her artistry is truly an endless number of musical quotes. Immerse yourself in the symphony of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about music and artistry – a dazzling blend of creativity and real-life insights. Because in Dolly’s world, every note is a sparkle, and every lyric, is a masterpiece in the making!

  • “Songwriting is my way of channeling my feelings and my thoughts. Not just mine, but the things I see, the people I care about.”
  • “You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap.”
  • “I write a lot of songs about the things I dream, and the things I fantasize about. I’m really into that.”
  • “I’m not afraid to dream, and I’m not afraid to fail.”
  • “Wildflowers don’t care where they grow.”
  • “I had a gift of rhyme and a big imagination and that’s just how I started, and how I’m still a-goin’.”
  • “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”
  • “If you talk bad about country music, it’s like saying bad things about my momma. Them’s fightin’ words.”
  • “I wrote a lot of songs that people wouldn’t play on the radio, but I didn’t care. It bothered me at the time, but I never thought, ‘I shouldn’t have done that’.”
  • “My songs are like my children – I expect them to support me when I’m old.”
  • “I’ve always been a writing fool. I love to write. I wrote my will recently, and I wrote a song on the way to the lawyer’s office.”
  • “You gotta keep trying to find your niche and trying to fit into whatever slot that’s left for you or to make one of your own.”
  • “You need to really believe in what you’ve got to offer, what your talent is — and if you believe, that gives you strength.”
  • “Songwriting is my way of channeling my feelings and my thoughts. Not just mine, but the things I see, the people I care about. My head would explode if I didn’t get some of that stuff out.”

As we wrap up our exploration of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about music and artistry, remember that creativity is a boundless journey. Whether you’re strumming a guitar or painting a canvas, channel Dolly’s passion and dedication.

Let her words inspire you to keep pushing boundaries, telling stories, and spreading joy through your art. May your melodies be as soulful as Dolly’s voice and your artistic endeavors be as timeless as her legacy. 🎶 #dollypartonquotes #WisdomInWords

"Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!" - Dolly Parton
Kindness Is Free

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram About Diet & Exercise

Howdy, y’all! Ready to wrangle those fitness goals with a sprinkle of Dolly magic? Get set for a wild ride through the land of diet and exercise, where the only thing bigger than Dolly’s butt is her heart! As our queen once said, “I’m no angel myself, but I do wear wings!” So, lace up those sneakers, grab a dumbbell (or a donut), and let’s dance our way through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about staying fit and fabulous!

  • “I’m on a seefood diet. I see food, I eat it.”
  • “Damn the movie…I’m just gonna eat everything and go ahead and weigh five hundred pounds and have to be buried in a piano case.”
  • “People say I look so happy—and I say, ‘That’s the botox.’”
  • “I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets.”
  • “My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.”
  • “Every single diet I ever fell off of was because of potatoes and gravy of some sort.”

Well, folks, we’ve reached the end of our Dolly-fied fitness frolic through Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram! Remember, staying healthy is all about balance—just like Dolly’s mix of rhinestones and grit. Keep your workouts fun, your diet sprinkled with joy, and always laugh off the calories with a Dolly-approved giggle.

Keep shining, keep moving, and remember: if Dolly can do it all in heels, you can too! Okay, I know that I can’t do anything in heels – and that’s not a bad thing. No woman should have to wear shoes designed by a man so they can goggle at you some more!

Funny Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram: Laughs, Sass, and Snark

Picture this: Dolly, in all her glitzy glory, dropping truth bombs wrapped in jokes. It’s not just about being funny; it’s about finding joy in the absurdity of life. Laughter, my friends, is the secret sauce to surviving the rollercoaster that is existence.

Like Dolly said: “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” So grab your best wig and let’s dive into some side-splitting Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram that’ll have you giggling ’til the cows come home!

  • “When I got somethin’ to say, I’ll say it.”
  • “I don’t often lose my temper, but I often have to use it.”
  • “Anyone who says you can’t take it with you has never seen me pack.”
  • “I’m a tender-hearted person, and I feel everything to the ninth degree.”
  • “I was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out.”
  • “Everybody’s life is a soap opera. Everybody’s life is a country western song, depends on who’s writing it.”
  • “I am a self-made woman, and I have the doctor bills to prove it.”
  • “Everybody’s life is a country-western song, depends on who’s writing it.”
  • “Me jumpin’ up and down? I’d blacken both my eyes!”
  • “I remember something in a book I read called Gentle Eating. The author said you should pretend the angels are eating with you and that you want to save some for them. I loved that idea, because I love angels. I have to admit, though, there were times I would slap those angels out of the way and have their part too.”
  • “Get down off ‘at cross;
    Somebody needs the wood!”
  • “When I discovered that there was actually a thing called a push-up bra, that, to me, had to be equal of the day Einstein figured out that relativity thing.”
  • “Sometimes great hair is the best revenge.”
  • “Sometimes my mouth is a little too big and a little too open and sounds too much like a sailor.”
  • “People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there.”
  • “They got me busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.”
  • “It was amazing how quickly that preacher broke his trance and paid heed. He had heard the voice of a higher power, in this case a really pissed-off redneck.”
  • “There I was, feeling as mixed up as a road lizard in a spin dryer, and having to act sociable while trying to keep my dinner down.”
  • “I have often joked that we had two rooms and a path, and running water, if you were willing to run to get it.”
  • “The devil and I certainly had one thing in common: We were both horny.”
  • “When I felt that cold nose on my butt, I screamed bloody murder and literally peed all over myself.”
  • “They all had a good laugh at my expense. Except, of course, the raccoon. Once the lights were turned on, he acted like any man caught in a compromising position with a lady and bolted for the door.”
  • “So I guess I showed them, huh?”
  • “When I was with Andy Warhol, I thought, ‘God, his wig looks cheaper than mine!’”
  • “I have little feet because nothing grows in the shade.”
  • “I do wear high heels in the house – otherwise I can’t reach the cabinets! I don’t wear my heels in the shower or when I sleep–and I wear my little tennis shoes when I do my treadmill – but when I go out, of course, I will. That’s my look and that’s how I’m always gonna be.”
  • “When I talk to a man, I can always tell what he’s thinking by where he’s looking. If he’s looking at my eyes, he’s looking for intelligence. If he’s looking at my mouth, he’s looking for wisdom. If he’s looking anywhere else except my chest, he’s looking for another man.”
  • “They got me busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.”
  • “I don’t trust anyone who does their own hair. I don’t think it’s natural.”
  •  You think you’re a fast rising star and maybe you are! But when it comes down right to it, a star is just a big ball of gas!

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on our journey through Dolly’s delightful world of laughs, sass, and snark! Remember, when life throws you a curveball, just channel your inner Dolly and sass it up with a smile .These Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram are like a warm hug for the soul, spreading love and positivity wherever they go. 🌟💖

“Being true to yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.” - Dolly Parton
Being True To Yourself

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram As Powerful Affirmations to get through hard times

You see, Dolly’s words aren’t just lyrics or quotes; they’re powerful affirmations that transcend genres and resonate with the human spirit. In the depths of my addiction, her songs became a source of solace, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there’s a glimmer of hope. Dolly’s unwavering optimism and authenticity served as a beacon, urging me to find my path to recovery.

As I danced on this transformative journey, Dolly’s messages of love and acceptance played a crucial role. She champions that we’re all part of the same tapestry, each thread unique and essential. In those moments of self-doubt and struggle, her words whispered, “You’re not alone, and your story matters.”

Dolly’s commitment to embracing diversity and supporting the LGBTQ+ community struck a chord with me. It wasn’t just about tolerance; it was about celebration. Her advocacy for unity, regardless of our differences, fueled my determination to build connections and foster understanding in my own life.

My Life And Other Unfinished Business, By Dolly Parton

If you are looking for some more Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram about living your best life, check out her book on Amazon!

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My Life And Other Unfinished Business

The successful country singer reveals her life since leaving home at the age of eighteen to pursue a singing career, while discussing her personal philosophies, her marriage, her friendships, and achievements.

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram Set Her as an LGBTQ+ Icon

Dolly has effortlessly earned her crown as an LGBTQ+ icon. In this glittery corner of the blog post, we’re exploring how Dolly’s quotes have not only set the stage for toe-tapping tunes but have also solidified her as a beacon of love and acceptance within the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s celebrate the magic of Dolly’s words and why she’s become more than just a country legend—she’s a rainbow-wielding, love-spreading icon for all! 🌈💖

Christians need to be “more loving”, says Dolly

In a 2017 interview that resurfaced last year – re-introducing listeners with their serotonin, long thought lost – Parton called out Christians to be “more loving” of the LGBT+ community.

Speaking on Larry King Now, the songwriter explained that her high-decibel advocacy for LGBT+ rights has drawn criticism from some Christians. But she lets it fall off like glitter.

“I keep saying: ‘If you’re the fine Christian that you think you are, why are you judging people? That’s God’s job,’” Parton told Larry King.

I have had experience with judgmental Christians. My mother is very involved in the church but is incredibly judgmental. It drives me crazy. I don’t understand how people who are so immersed in church life can still not get the whole point!

There is no reason to pass snarky comments and condescension down on other people. It is hard enough to get through life, especially if you are “not normal”. If you ask me, normal is way overrated anyway. I gravitate towards unique, off-beat people who aren’t afraid to show themselves to the entire world.

I’ll admit that was even jealous of my middle child for awhile, as they felt comfortable changing their t-shirt in the driveway for all to see as a teen. I could have never done that at their age! I’m so proud of them!

Dolly truly believes that love is love and supports LGBTQ+ people – no matter who they are. That is how we all should be!

“Love is love, and that’s all that matters. It’s not our place to decide who someone else should love.” - Dolly Parton
Love is Love

Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram: Subverting Stereotypes

Dolly Parton is a master at addressing and subverting stereotypes, including the infamous dumb blonde jokes that have plagued many in the entertainment industry. Here’s how she approaches it:

  1. Embracing the Stereotype with Humor: Dolly doesn’t shy away from the dumb blonde stereotype; instead, she embraces it with humor and wit. She often incorporates self-deprecating humor into her public persona, turning the stereotype on its head by owning it and making it part of her charm.
  2. Intelligence Behind the Image: Despite the caricatured image of a dumb blonde, Dolly demonstrates profound intelligence and business acumen. She uses her platform to showcase her wit and wisdom, proving that one can be both humorous and astute.
  3. Empowerment through Subversion: Rather than letting stereotypes define her, Dolly uses them as tools for empowerment. She subverts expectations by being authentically herself—smart, talented, and quick-witted. Her approach encourages others to embrace their uniqueness and not be limited by societal stereotypes.
  4. Cultural Impact and Influence: Through her music, interviews, and public appearances, Dolly has reshaped perceptions of what it means to be a blonde woman in the entertainment industry. She challenges stereotypes by being multifaceted and unapologetically herself, inspiring others to do the same.
  5. Philanthropy and Leadership: Beyond her image, Dolly’s philanthropic efforts and leadership in business further illustrate her depth and impact. She uses her success to uplift others, particularly through initiatives like the Imagination Library and her support for education, showing that intelligence and compassion go hand in hand.

In essence, Dolly Parton’s approach to addressing and subverting stereotypes, including dumb blonde jokes, exemplifies resilience, intelligence, and a keen sense of humor. By embracing and reshaping these stereotypes, she not only empowers herself but also encourages others to challenge societal expectations and celebrate their own uniqueness.

Dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram About Dumb Blonde Jkies

Howdy, y’all! Buckle up because we’re diving into a world where dumb blonde jokes get a twist of Dolly brilliance. As our queen of country once famously quipped, “I know that I’m not dumb and I know I’m not blonde.” So, let’s flip those stereotypes on their rhinestone-studded heads and celebrate the wit and wisdom of Dolly Parton like never before!

  • “I know some of the best Dolly Parton jokes. I made ’em up myself.”
  • “I make jokes about it, but it’s the truth that I kind of patterned my look after the town tramp. I didn’t know what she was, just this woman who was blond and piled her hair up, wore high heels and tight skirts, and, boy, she was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. Momma used to say, “Aw, she’s just trash,” and I thought, That’s what I want to be when I grow up. Trash.”

And there you have it, folks! Remember, just like Dolly, never judge a book by its cover, especially if it’s wearing a fabulous wig! Keep spreading laughter, love, and Dolly-approved sass in every caption you share. Until next time, keep shining bright and remember: blondes may have more fun, but brunettes write better Instagram captions!

Dolly Parton Quotes for Instagram Make a Great Dolly-themed Party!

Now, I know you’ve been soaking in all those fabulous Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram, and it’s your turn to shine. Share your favorite Dolly quote photos from this blog post—because what’s a celebration without some sparkle and sass?

And hey, let’s take a moment to tip our rhinestone-studded hats to Dolly for being an absolute rockstar ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Her support has been like a glitter bomb of love, spreading acceptance far and wide. So, here’s a virtual toast to Dolly—may her legacy of love continue to shine as brightly as her sequins! 🎉🎂

Now, my straight Marauders, how can we make Pride Month, LGBTQ+ holidays, or Dolly’s birthday extra special for all LGBTQ+ people? Well, here are some suggestions:

  1. Dolly-themed Virtual Party: Host a virtual Dolly Parton-themed party. Glitter, wigs, and an impromptu lip-sync to “Jolene” are highly encouraged!
  2. Spread the Love on Social Media: Share your favorite Dolly quotes, memes, or stories on social media. Let’s turn the internet into a Dolly lovefest! Feel free to share any of the Dolly Parton quots for Instagram images in this post!
  3. Support LGBTQ+ Causes: In honor of Dolly, consider donating to LGBTQ+ charities or organizations. Every bit helps in creating a more inclusive world. My favorite is The Trevor Project
  4. Dolly-Inspired Acts of Kindness: Channel your inner Dolly and perform acts of kindness throughout the day. Whether it’s helping a neighbor or sending an uplifting message, spread joy like Dolly spreads glitter.
  5. Jam Session to Dolly’s Hits: Create a playlist of Dolly’s greatest hits and have a solo dance party or share it with friends. Bonus points for extra twirls and sass!
  6. Donate to The Trevor Project, which helps to prevent LGBTQ+ teen suicide.
Screenshot 2024 01 07 at 8.36.45 PM
Click on Photo to go to The Trevor Project Website – LGBTQ+ Suicide Prevention

Ways To Help Others Besides Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram

Do you want to do more to help besides posting Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram? Join the “Stand in Pride” Group on Facebook. There is one for every section of the U.S. and there is Stand in Pride International. You can volunteer to be a stand-in family for LGBTQ+ people or find yourself a stand-in family if you have lost yours. My daughter told me about it and I am involved in the group! It is a great safe space for LGBTQ+ people and LGBTQ+ Allies.

I’m part of Stand in Pride Midwest. I am more than happy to be a no-drama stand-in mama for anyone in need. I’m in Upper Michigan, where there aren’t any community centers for awesome LGBTQ+ peeps.

Screenshot 2024 01 15 at 9.42.34 AM
Stand in Pride Midwest – Click Photo to go to Facebook Group

Remember, celebrating Dolly isn’t just a one-day affair—it’s a glitter-infused, everlasting commitment to love, joy, and fabulousness. So, go ahead, share those Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram, spread the love, and let’s make Pride Month, LGBTQ+ holidays, and Dolly’s birthday (January 19th) sparkly! 💖🎶

Now, as a successful businesswoman, I channel Dolly’s spirit into my endeavors. The lessons of unity and acceptance she imparts to others are woven into the fabric of my business. Just as she unites people through her music, I strive to create a safe space where everyone feels seen, valued, and accepted.

So, here’s to Dolly—my guide, my muse, and a testament to the transformative power of resilience and unity. Through her words, I’ve found strength, and in sharing my story, I hope to inspire others on their unique journeys. After all, as Dolly says, “You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.” Cheers to bravery, unity, and the magic of Dolly Parton! 🌟🎶💖 #MentalHealthJourney

In a nutshell, Dolly Parton isn’t just a country music legend; she’s a force for good, a champion of love, and a true friend to the LGBTQ+ community. So, here’s to Dolly—thank you for being a shining example of how we should all strive to be a little more accepting, loving, and fabulous LGBTQ+ allies! 🌈💖 #DollyQuotes #LoveIsLove

“I wish you joy and happiness, but above all of this I wish you love.”

Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram: Dolly Parton Lyrics as Captions

Hey there, y’all! Welcome to a tribute as dazzling as Dolly’s smile and as wise as her wit. In this Instagram series, we’re spinning into the world of Dolly Parton’s lyrics—captions that sparkle like rhinestones and resonate with the soul like her timeless melodies.

Did you know that Dolly Parton wrote I Will Always Love You for Whitney Houston? Yeppers, it’s true! Talk about a smash hit!

Whether you’re looking for a dash of country charm, a sprinkle of humor, or a nugget of wisdom, Dolly’s music has it all. Let’s lace up those boots and stroll down the path where every Dolly Parton quote for Instagram is a lyric, and every lyric is a story worth sharing.

  • “I’m beggin’ of you please don’t take my man.” – Jolene
  • “I can see the light of a brand new day.” – Light of a Clear Blue Morning
  • “Your smile is like a breath of spring, your voice is soft like summer rain.” – Jolene
  • “Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living.” – 9 to 5
  • “Tumble out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen. Pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life.” – 9 to 5
  • “It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it.” – 9 to 5
  • “Although we had no money I was rich as I could be.” – Coat of Many Colors
  • “Yes, I’ve made my mistakes, but listen and understand. My mistakes are no worse than yours just because I’m a woman.” Just Because I’m A Woman
  • “Love is like a butterfly, it goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes.” – Love Is Like a Butterfly
  • “Here you come again, just when I’ve begun to get myself together.” – Here You Come Again
  • “Here you come again looking’ better than a body has a right to.” – Here You Come Again
  • “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.” – Dumb Blonde
  • “Just because I’m blonde, don’t think I’m dumb, ’cause this dumb blonde ain’t nobody’s fool.” – Dumb Blonde
  • “I will always love you.” – I Will Always Love You
  • “I want to be the girl in the movies, the one with the glint in her eyes.” – Girl in the Movies
  • “I’m a backwoods Barbie, in a push-up bra and heels.” – Backwoods Barbie
  • “I’m not the girl next door, but the girl down the street.” – I’m Not the Girl Next Door
  • “I’m just a simple girl in a high-tech digital world.” – Better Get to Livin’
  • “If I should stay I would only be in your way, so I’ll go, but I know I’ll think of you each step of the way.” – I Will Always Love You
  • “From here to the moon and back. Who else in this world will love you like that?” – From Here to the Moon and Back
  • “But I here I am crying my heart out, feeling sorry. They’re having a party two doors down.” – Two Doors Down
  • “I can’t stay inside this lonely room and cry forever.” – Two Doors Down
  • “All you maidens heed my warning. Never trust the hearts of men.” – Little Sparrow
  • “I’m a butterfly in a hurricane, a bubble floating in champagne.” – The Sacrifice
  • “My world is such an empty place. I need someone to fill the space.” – Here I Am
  • “Do you ever think back on old memories like that? Or do I ever cross your mind?” – Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
  • “He wasn’t much to look at, but he looked alright to me.” – Cracker Jack
  • “Livin’ in a rainbowland where everything goes as planned.” – Rainbowland
  • “They just use your mind and you never get the credit.” – 9 to 5
  • “She talked about working around the clock and barely having time to eat.” – Run, Rose, Run
  • When it’s snowin’, I’d be a clown. – Winter Wonderland

As we bid adieu, remember: life’s too short to wear boring clothes or settle for dull captions. Dolly Parton’s lyrics have reminded us that strength comes from embracing who you are, finding joy in every moment, and standing tall even in the toughest storms. So keep shining like the stars over Dollywood, and let Dolly’s words continue to inspire and uplift you. What are Dolly Parton quotes without lyrice, right? Keep dreaming big and loving even bigger—just like our beloved queen of country music, Dolly Parton.

We’ve come to the end of Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram, “So I say a silent prayer for creatures great and small. Peace on Earth, goodwill to men is the greatest gift of all.” Remember that according to Dolly: “All you need is a smile and a little sparkle.”

“Unique is better than perfect; it’s what makes you unforgettable.” - Dolly Parton
Unique Is Better Than Perfect

Perfect Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram Posts

Hey there, Dolly fans! Ready to up your Instagram game with the best captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram straight from the queen of country herself? Whether you’re dazzling in rhinestones or just embracing your inner Dolly, these perfect captions are sure to make your posts shine brighter than Dollywood at sunset!

Best Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram

  • Sipping my tea and minding my own biscuits to keep the gravy flowing smoothly, just like Dolly advises. Some wisdom never goes out of style! 🍵
  • Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back—channeling my inner Dolly and lifting others as I climb 💪🏼❤️.
  • Finding my joy in the little things and chasing after my dreams 💭, just like Dolly taught us. Who knew you could find life’s answers in country songs?
  • In a world full of Jolenes, dare to be a Dolly! 💖 Channeling my inner country goddess today because kindness and rhinestones never go out of style.
  • Pouring myself a cup of ambition this morning ☕️—ready to take on the day with all the spunk and grace of Ms. Parton herself!
  • “Dolly Parton: Where Southern charm meets unstoppable ambition. 💪”
  • “Spreading love and Dolly-inspired positivity, one caption at a time! 💕”
  • “Dolly knows best: Dream big, love fiercely, and never apologize for who you are. 🌈”
  • Sometimes I wonder what Dolly Parton would do—then I remember, she’d shine! 🌟💖
  • Dolly Parton: proof that blondes really do have more fun. 💁‍♀️✨
  • If loving Dolly is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 🎶❤️
  • “Spreading love and Dolly-inspired positivity, one caption at a time! 💕”

Funny Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram

Get ready to sprinkle some laughter into your day with these funny captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram inspired by the one and only queen of country, Dolly Parton. Whether you’re sipping sweet tea or strutting in your rhinestones, these captions are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and some Dolly-style sass to your feed!

  • If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain—and my big hair! 🌈
  • I’m just a Backwoods Barbie in a push-up bra and heels. 👠
  • I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else. 💪
  • It takes a lot of money to look this cheap! 💰
  • I’m country, I’m weird, and I love it! 🤠
  • I’m not one to brag, but I sure got a lot to brag about! 🌟
  • I tried every diet in the book. I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book. It tasted better than most of the diets! 📚
  • I’m not a natural beauty, but I think I got a pretty good start. 💁‍♀️
  • I’m just a cupcake looking for a stud muffin. 🧁
  • I’m not afraid to fall flat on my face as long as I’m going forward. 🚀

And there you have it, folks—laughter served Dolly-style! Keep spreading joy, embracing your inner Dolly, and remember: life’s too short not to add a little humor. Until next time, keep rocking those captions for Dolly quotes for Instagram and keep sharing the love like Dolly does best!

"I'm not trying to be different. To me, I'm just being myself" - Dolly Parton
Just Being Myself

Engaging Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram

Ready to jazz up your Instagram feed with some toe-tappin’, heartwarming Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram and the perfect caption to match? Whether you’re a die-hard country music lover or just a fan of Dolly’s infectious charm, these captions are your ticket to crafting posts that’ll have everyone singing along and tapping that heart button like crazy!

  • Let’s chat about how Dolly Parton inspires us! 🌟💬
  • Can’t get enough of Dolly’s voice? Let’s dance into the magic! 🎶✨
  • Share your favorite Dolly Parton memory with me—it’s storytime! 📖💖
  • What was the first Dolly Parton song that stole your heart? 🎵❤️
  • Drop a comment below with your all-time favorite Dolly Parton song! 🎤👇
  • What’s your go-to Dolly Parton jam for karaoke night? 🎤🎶
  • Join the Dolly Parton fandom and let’s spread the love together! 🌈💖
  • Dolly Parton’s lyrics speak straight to my soul—let’s discuss! 🎶💫
  • Share your top Dolly Parton quotes that make you smile! 😄📜
  • Dolly Parton’s music always brings back those nostalgic vibes. Let’s reminisce! 🎵🕰️
  • Twirl into Dolly’s world with me—what’s your favorite song lyric that hits home? 🌟🎶
  • Let’s swap stories about how Dolly Parton’s songs have touched our lives. 📚💖
  • Can’t decide on just one favorite Dolly Parton tune? Neither can I! Let’s discuss them all. 🎶🤔
  • Join me in celebrating Dolly Parton’s timeless melodies and lyrics. Share your favorites! 🎤💖
  • Every Dolly Parton song is a trip down memory lane. Let’s share our musical journeys! 🛣️🎵
  • What does Dolly mean to you? Share your thoughts! 🌟
  • Share your favorite Dolly memory below. 💭
  • Which Dolly quote resonates with you the most? Let us know! ✨
  • What’s your Dolly-inspired fashion tip? Share it with us! 👗
  • Tell us your favorite Dolly Parton song in the comments! 🎵

So there you have it, folks—let Dolly’s wisdom and charm continue to brighten your day through these engaging captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram! Keep spreading joy, embracing your inner Dolly, and remember to sing along to life’s tunes with all the heart and spirit of our favorite country icon. Until next time, stay fabulous and keep shining bright like Dolly’s rhinestones! ✨🎶

Cute Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram

Hey there, Dolly devotees! Get ready to sprinkle some extra sparkle into your Instagram feed with adorable Dolly Parton captions inspired by the one and only queen of country, Dolly Parton. Whether you’re twirling in rhinestones or belting out your favorite tunes, these captions will add a touch of Dolly’s charm to every post!

  • Dolly Parton’s music makes my heart melt. 🎶💖
  • I’m a Dolly Parton fan, and I’m not afraid to show it! 🌟🎤
  • Being cute is always in style, just like Dolly Parton. 💁‍♀️✨
  • Dolly’s music is my happy place. 🎵😊
  • Dolly: The epitome of cuteness and talent. 🌟🎶
  • Admit it, Dolly Parton makes your heart skip a beat. 💓😍
  • Dolly Parton is a ray of sunshine in a world of clouds. ☀️💖
  • If you’ve got it, Dolly it! 💃✨
  • Dream big, love fiercely, and listen to Dolly Parton. 🌈💕
  • Cuteness level: Dolly Parton. 🎀💖
  • “Dolly Parton vibes: Country charm with a touch of glamour. 💖”
  • “In a world full of trends, be a classic—just like Dolly. 🌟”
  • “Letting Dolly’s wisdom guide me through life’s melodies and moments. 🎶”
  • “Embracing my roots and rocking out to Dolly’s timeless tunes! 🎸”

And there you have it, y’all—captions with cuteness overload for your Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram courtesy of Dolly Parton’s timeless charm and wit! Keep sprinkling that Dolly magic into your day and sharing smiles like Dolly shares her infectious laughter. Embrace your inner sparkle, stay cute as a button, and let Dolly’s spirit guide you to brighter days ahead! 💖🌟

Short & Concise Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram

Get ready to add a touch of wisdom to your Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram with these short and concise captions. Sometimes, less is more—especially when it comes to capturing Dolly’s essence in a few words!

  • Finding beauty in the simplest of moments, just like Dolly. 🌸
  • Just a butterfly flitting from dream to Dolly dream. 🦋✨
  • A cup of ambition, stirred with a little Dolly magic. ☕🌟
  • On my Dollywood adventure, where dreams meet reality. 🎢💖
  • Sipping on sunshine and singing with Dolly. ☀️🎤
  • Walking in my high heels, a Dolly spirit in my soul. 👠🎶
  • When in doubt, just Dolly it. 💫✨
  • Dolly Parton’s music is my therapy.🎶☀️
  • My playlist is filled with Dolly Parton’s magic.💖💫
  • Dolly Parton’s music is the soundtrack to my life. 🎶✨
  • No one does it quite like Dolly. 💫
  • Life is better with a little Dolly Parton in it. 🪄⚡
  • Dolly: A little goes a long way.💖✨
  • Dollylicious! 😋
  • Dolly vibes only. 🎶💫
  • Dolly on repeat. 🎶🔁 
  • Living that Dolly life. 🌟💫
  • All I need is Dolly.  🙌 
  • Big hair, bigger dreams. 💭
  • Legends never fade. 🎶
  • Simply iconic. ✨
  • Queen vibes. 👑
  • Having a Dolly good time. 😄
  • When in doubt, channel Dolly’s sass. 💁‍♀️
  • Posin’ like a rhinestone cowgirl. 🤠

And there you have it—short & sweet captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram, straight from Dolly’s heart! Keep spreading her joy and wisdom with every post. Remember, Dolly’s spirit shines through even in the simplest of captions. Keep it concise and keep shining bright! ☀️

Why Dolly Parton says now was the right time to release her 1st rock record

Dolly Parton’s Good Morning America interview about releasing a rock record.

Witty Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram

Hey there, Dolly aficionados! Get ready to sprinkle some Dolly-style wit and charm into your feed with these witty captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering the magic of Dolly Parton, these captions are sure to add a dash of humor and sparkle to your posts!

  • Dolly Parton is the original queen of country comedy. 👑😄
  • Having a Dolly Parton marathon because I’m a 9 to 5 fan. 📺🎤
  • Dolly Parton is the reason for my smile lines. 😊🎵
  • I can’t get enough of Dolly’s rhinestones and sass. 💎💃
  • Warning: Dolly Parton’s music may cause excessive toe-tapping and chair-dancing. 🎵🕺💺
  • Dolly has 99 problems, but her hair ain’t one. 💇‍♀️😄
  • When you’re Dolly Parton’s fan, every day is a Jolene day. 🎶💔
  • Dolly Parton’s laughter is contagious—protect your ribs! 😂
  • Wishing my life had a Dolly Parton soundtrack 24/7. 🎶🌟
  • They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but have they met Dolly? 💎💖
  • Forget the beach, I’m vacationing in Dollywood this year! 🎢🌞
  • Dolly Parton: proof that big hair equals bigger dreams! 💁‍♀️✨
  • Like Dolly says, ‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose.’ 💫
  • Channeling my inner Dolly with a sprinkle of glitter and a whole lot of sass! ✨
  • Life’s a journey—make sure to bring your Dolly playlist along for the ride. 🚗🎵
  • Dolly Parton’s music: the soundtrack to my heart and soul. 🎶💖
  • Because sometimes all you need is a little Dolly magic to brighten your day. ✨
  • Chasing dreams with Dolly’s determination and a smile that shines likes sequins. ✨
  • Dolly Parton quotes: where wisdom meets whimsy. 📜😄
  • Living my best Dolly life—complete with rhinestones, laughter, and a whole lot of heart. 💖

And there you have it, folks—the secret to mastering Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram – and your Instagram game in general – with the best captions! So, next time you’re snapping a selfie or sharing a moment, remember to sprinkle a little Dolly magic with a caption that’s as fabulous as you are. Keep rocking those hashtags and showing the world how it’s done, Dolly style!

Sassy Captions For Dolly Parton Quotes For Instagram

Alrighty, Dolly devotees! Get ready to turn up your Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram with the sass and sparkle of these sassy captions inspired by the one and only queen of country. Whether you’re rocking rhinestones or just embracing your inner Southern girl, these captions are sure to add a touch of Dolly’s legendary charm to your Instagram posts!

  • Bringing the Dolly wit to the gram. 😁
  • Warning: Dolly-level charisma ahead. 😎
  • Dolly would approve of this level of fabulousness. 😜
  • A little bit of Dolly, a lot of sass. 😂
  • I’m country, I’m quirky, and I’m fabulous. 💁‍♀️✨ Just call me Dolly.
  • Not everyone can handle rhinestones and sass, but I make it look easy. 💎😏
  • Darlin’, if you want to criticize my style, you better have your sequins game on point. 👗💅
  • I may be small, but my attitude is larger than life—just like my hair. 💁‍♀️💥
  • I don’t sugarcoat. I use rhinestones. 🍬✨
  • Who needs a crown when you’ve got big hair and even bigger dreams? 👑💫
  • When life gives you lemons, add some glitter and shine like Dolly. 🍋✨
  • I’m not bossy, I just know what you should be doing. 🚫👸
  • Honey, I’m not high maintenance. I’m Dolly maintenance. 💁‍♀️💄
  • Ax walking contradiction: down-home country charm with a touch of Hollywood glam. 🌾🎬
  • If you can’t handle my sass, you can’t handle my country. 💃🤠
  • I’m too glam to give a damn. 💅💁‍♀️
  • I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it. 🌟🤝
  • They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy rhinestones—and that’s pretty close. 💰💎
  • I’m not just a legend. I’m a whole mood. 🎶💃

And there you have it, folks—sass served Dolly-style! Keep shining bright and spreading that Dolly sass wherever you go. Remember, life’s too short not to add a little sparkle and a whole lot of attitude. Keep your Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram fabulous and keep rocking those sassy captions! 💁‍♀️✨

Want More Captions for Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram?

Are you looking for more captions to go with your Dolly Parton quotes for Instagram? Try using a free Instagram caption generator like the ones below:

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Dolly Parton’s Funniest Moments // Compilation Video

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    1. Wow!You made me blush!! I really enjoy writing my blog posts and do it for fun – especially the quote posts – those are my favorite ones to do, even though they are a lot of work. Thank you so much for your very awesomely kind words!

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    1. You’ve said this before on my other posts and honestly with this post, it was mostly all fun because I love writing quote posts, even though they are a lot of work. I’m sorry that you didn’t like it.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad that you love my blog. I’m pivoting to focus more on LGBTQ+ and Ally Cat mental health and have really been enjoying it! I love what I write and have a lot of fun with it! Thank you so much for reading and for your comments!

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