20 Comedians Who Address Mental Health in a funny way

20 Comedians Who Address Mental Health in a Funny Way

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Mental health is no laughing matter, but there are plenty of comedians who are trying to break the stigma associated with it through the dark side of comedy by using laughter as a way to destigmatize the subject. From stand-up comedy routines to funny stories shared on social media, this comedy community of twenty comedians brings mental health issues to light with humor and relatability, while also giving their fans hope that they too can make it through tough times.

Get ready to laugh out loud with these ten hilarious comedians who tackle mental health as public figures in a funny way! Johns Hopkins school of medicine says that laughter benefits mental health and recommends that we watch comedy sketches on television! So here are a few YouTube videos of serious talks about mental health and sketches making fun of it because laughter really is the best medicine.

1. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Maria Bamford: Mental Illness | Ave Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford has made a career out of talking about her struggles with mental illness and how it affects her life. Her comedy is both hilarious and thought-provoking as one-woman shows.

Mental Illness | Ave Maria Bamford: Ep. 101 | Topic

2. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: John Mulaney: my mental health as john mulaney quotes

John Mulaney has been open about his battle with depression and anxiety and uses his stand-up comedy to bring attention to the issue. He often talks about his own experiences in a way that is both funny and relatable.

my mental health as john mulaney quotes

3. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Sarah Silverman: Depression and What I Would Tell #MyYoungerSelf

Sarah Silverman has been outspoken about her struggles with severe depression, anxiety, and addiction, and drug overdose. and she often uses humor to address these issues in her stand-up comedy routines.

Depression and What I Would Tell #MyYoungerSelf | Sarah Silverman

4. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Robin Williams: Robin Williams, In His Own Words About Suicide

Robin Williams was one of the most beloved comedians of all time, but he also suffered from depression and addiction throughout his life. He used humor as a way to cope with these issues, which made him an inspiration for many people who were struggling with their own mental health issues. He died by suicide (aka committed suicide) and his loss is widely felt.

5. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Christophe Davidson – I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2

Christophe Davidson is a mental health advocate who was diagnosed with Bipolar 2. He is committed to raising awareness about mental illness and helping others who are struggling. Christophe knows firsthand how difficult it can be to live with a mental illness, but he also knows that recovery is possible. He encourages others to seek help and to never give up hope.

6. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Drew Michael – “Shouldn’t Happy People Be Medicated?”

Drew Michael is a writer and mental health activist whose work explores the complex relationship between happiness, medication, and mental illness. In his work, he questions whether we should be trying to medicate away our happiness when it can just as easily serve as a sign of resilience and strength. He encourages us to reflect on what truly makes us happy and how we can take meaningful action towards achieving this kind of joy in our lives.

7. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Daniel Fernandez – Living with Anxiety Disorder (Stand-up Comedy)

Daniel Fernandez is a stand-up comic who bravely shares his experience of living with anxiety disorder. His comedy speaks to the struggles of understanding and managing the condition, as well as how we can all find humor in our everyday lives. His candid and insightful approach demonstrates that anxiety does not have to define us, but instead can be something we learn from and use to create meaningful connections with others.

Mike Drucker – Mike Drucker is known for using absurdist humor to talk about serious topics like mental health in a funny yet thoughtful way that makes you think twice about what you’re laughing at while still enjoying the joke itself.

8. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: David Granirer – Comedian destroys mental health stigma

David Granirer is a comedian whose work actively seeks to break down the stigma around mental health. He strives to create an open dialogue about mental illness and its effects on individuals, as well as how we can better support each other through shared understanding. His own lived experiences inform his comedy, making it relevant, honest, and powerful in its ability to educate and empower others.

9. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Byron Bowers: The Hardest Part Of Schizophrenia

Byron Bowers is a stand-up comic who bravely shares his experience of living with Schizophrenia. He talks openly and honestly about the difficulties he has faced in managing his condition, as well as how important it is to have hope when facing mental illness. His comedy provides an insight into life with Schizophrenia, highlighting its complexity and encouraging others to reach out for support.

10. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Chelsea peretti – 4 Jokes to Validate Your Constant Anxiety

Chelsea Peretti is a stand-up comic who uses her comedy to help fans understand and validate the struggles of living with anxiety. Her jokes provide a unique way of managing anxiety, helping audiences to laugh at their worries while learning to cope through positive self-talk. Peretti has shown that humour and mindfulness can go hand in hand, allowing us to take control of our mental health in a creative and compassionate way.

11. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Hannah Gadsby – How High-Functioning Autism Works | Netflix Is A Joke

12. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Russell Brand – What’s Causing Your Mental Illness?!

13. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Stephen Fry – Bipolar Disorder and What I Would Tell #MyYoungerSelf | Stephen Fry

14. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Howie Mandel – OCD and What I Would Tell #MyYoungerSelf | Howie Mandel

15. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Marc Maron – The First Joke After Lynn Shelton’s Passing | From Bleak to Dark | HBO Max (Trigger warning)

If the fact that you’re going to die is triggering to you, you might want to leave for a few minutes. Marc Maron: From Bleak to Dark and his funny spin in his stand-up special that is streaming now on @hbo via HBO Max.

16. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Chris Gethard Would Prefer To Laugh About His Depression

Chris Gethard, stand-up comedian and host of the podcast “Beautiful/Anonymous”, turns to comedy as a way to come to terms with his depression. In this clip from The Chris Gethard Show, Gethard speaks candidly about his struggles with depression, how he uses laughter as an outlet, and why we need to take mental illness more seriously. With humor and sincerity, Gethard provides a meaningful view into how humor can be used as a coping mechanism and how important it is that we start having open conversations about mental health.

17. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Chris Rock on Chris Farley’s drug addiction and Hollywood taking advantage of him

  • In this clip from The Chris Rock Show, Chris Rock reflects on comedian Chris Farley’s drug addiction and how Hollywood took advantage of him. With a combination of humor and compassion, Rock talks about his personal relationship with Farley, how drugs are seen differently when it involves A-list celebrities, and what he wishes people would understand about addiction. Through this honest dialogue, Rock shines a light on the harsh realities of being in the entertainment industry and the difficult conversations we should be having about drug abuse in our society.

18. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: John Belushi Tribute – Saturday Night Live

In this heartwarming tribute from Saturday Night Live, the cast and crew pay homage to the late great John Belushi. Hosted by his old friend Billy Murray and musical guest Paul Simon, this tribute celebrates Belushi’s comedic genius, showcases some of his most iconic characters, and offers a touching look at the impact he had on generations of comedians. Through performance and storytelling, SNL honors Belushi’s legacy and speaks to the power of friendship, laughter, memories, and love.

19. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Gary Gulman – Comic Gary Gulman opens up about mental illness struggle

Comic Gary Gulman takes to the stage to open up about his struggles with mental illness. With powerful anecdotes and expertly crafted jokes, Gulman shines a light on the severity of the mental health crisis in America and encourages people to reach out and ask for help. This emotional yet uplifting set gives audiences insight into Gulman’s journey, while raising awareness of the importance of compassion, empathy, resilience, and hope. By being candid about his experiences, Gulman is helping to break down taboos around mental health and create a space for others to have honest conversations about their own battles with depression, anxiety and other forms of psychological distress.

20. Comedians Who Address Mental Health: Greg Giraldo – Just For laughs/the worst healthcare system

On the stage at Just For Laughs, Greg Giraldo delivers a hilarious yet scathing commentary on America’s worst healthcare system. Using his signature wit and sarcasm, Giraldo takes shots at the for-profit healthcare industry and encourages Americans to demand better from their government representatives. Aside from clever one-liners, Giraldo also offers some insight into why this system is broken, who ultimately suffers as a result, and what people can do to help fix it. Through his honest assessment of the current situation in our country, Giraldo expertly blends humor and education to deliver an impactful message that everyone needs to hear.

5 comedians who made fun of their disability on AGT

America’s Got Talent has featured some of the comedy world’s best talent who use their disability as an asset or a source of the material. Five remarkable comedians have graced the stage and shared stories of their disabilities, embracing it in their performances to create hilarity whilst showing strength and resilience. These five comedians prove that humor can be used to break down stereotypes, making light of a difficult subject while also raising awareness.

14 Minutes of comedians reaffirming mental health struggles

Mental health issues are on the rise, with many people struggling to cope with their struggles alone. Fortunately, some comedians have taken it upon themselves to use humor and storytelling to help those suffering from mental health issues find support and comfort. ’14 Minutes of Comedians Reaffirming Mental Health Struggles’ brings together some of the funniest minds out there who want to ensure that mental health struggles are not silenced or stigmatized. Through their hilarious words and personal stories, these comedians aim to revolutionize how we talk about mental health in order to foster understanding and acceptance.

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