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Hi, I’m Lori!

I help people & Instagram accounts find perfect quotes for every occasion along with the best IG captions and images to go along with those quotes.

Welcome to Story of Lori and The Marauder’s Mischief!

I’m committed to helping you add magic to your life – including celebrating the magic that’s right in front of you through quotes, nerding out on fantasy, quirkiness, & sarcastic sass. 👩🏻‍🎤💖

Through my blog, I’ll help you connect with others to share every Magical High, Dark Lord Low, and Muggle Moment in between.

When I can help you find:

The PERFECT quote that you relate to on a nerdy, ‘Magical ME’ level,

Then I’m geeking out with you!

Here are the Deets on Me:

👩🏻‍🎤 Lori Ann Peterson

💫 I created The Story of Lori blog to add magic to your life and inspire you.

🔮 I created Epic Fantasy Quotes for Harry Potter & fantasy lovers

🪄 Retired RN of 26 years with kids who grew up with Harry Potter

✨ Kia and Pikachu (Pika! Pika!) are my furbabies.

💖 I love Noosa caramel yogurt (sounds gross, I know…but hooked once I tried it!)

🪄 On May 12, 2024, I hit 5 years narcotic-free!

How I’m Here For You:

My collection of fantasy quotes and quotes for Instagram with captions and images helps you find a quote for every precious, magical moment in life. It’s not just about finding a quote – it’s about quotes that show how you are feeling with the perfect words. It’s about feelings that can be quickly and easily shared with others. It’s about sharing the magic. 🪄💫

Social Proof of Who I’ve Helped

I’m passionate about Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Twilight, and fantasy books you probably haven’t even heard of. I have helped 100,000+ readers proudly showcase their inner nerd with shareable Instagram posts & Pinterest pins in every blog post.

Coming Soon

Coming soon is the Epic Fantasy Quotes Etsy shop – Fantasy quote products, Instagram post packs, ready-to-post quote reels, and fantasy mockups!

If you want to read more about My Incredible Story of Overcoming Addiction: Lori’s Story. If you want to read how I escaped severe domestic violence, read What is true domestic violence? How I survived the horrors of an abusive relationship.

Where you can find me

You can The Marauder’s Mischief in your inbox by signing up for any freebie on Story of Lori. Follow Epic Fantasy Quotes on Instagram for daily fantasy quotes & new blog posts. 🪄💫

Epic Fantasy Quotes can also be found on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest. Follow The Story of Lori on Facebook.

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